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Sterling Knight Taking Strides in Implementing Secure Access Management Solutions
June 23, 2011
Sterling Knight Achieves Chartered Status
May 16, 2011
Global Insurance Network Explores Singapore as a Key Market for International Insurance Business
July 12, 2010
Sterling Knight Admitted into The Council of Insurance Brokers and Agents
April 21, 2010
Sterling Knight Launches Fine Art Insurance Product Customized for Private Collectors
January 20, 2010
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Leaders' Edge magazine
Sterling Knight and Lawrence Adam, Chief Operating Officer, were quoted in Leader's Edge Magazine in an article about doing business in Asia.
» The Wild Wild East
Expatriate medical insurance concerns in the era of Obamacare
In the build up to January's Attendance Management Forum, Rutherfoord's International Account Executive Catherine Trombley (USA), and her partner broker at Sterling Knight, Lawrence Adam (Singapore), offers insights into healthcare concerns across the pond and what they could mean for expatriate workers, in HR Review Online Magazine.

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Recent Blog Posts

Enhanced Pro-Family Benefits Announced Retrospectively

Paternity Leave, Baby Bonus, Medisave Grants, Proximity Grant Scheme

Retirement Video Promotes CPF Life

A new video was release to encourage greater sign up of CPF Life, a retirement / annuity program for Singapore citizens and permanent residents: For more information on CPF Life, see

A History of Singapore 1965 to 2065

In advance of Singapore's SG50 long weekend, a fascinating speech was delivered by the Managing Director of Singapore's Financial regulator. It delivers a synopsis of our history since 1965 and looks ahead at potential trends in the future.

Prime Minister's Speech on Challenges in Singapore in Future Decades

Prime Minister Lee provides insight on Singapore's challenges in 10, 25 and 50 years time. Challenges in 10 years will be maintaining a productive economy, in 25 years, the possibility of inverted population pyramid due to ageing population and slow birth rate, and in 50 years, developing the Singapore identity. Source: Video and transcript published on Prime Minister's Office Website Demographic challenges can be addressed by increasing the total fertility rate from 1.2 to 1.5 to reduce the risk. Policies include pro-family policies which employers have a part to play.

Monetary Authority of Singapore will Enhance Safeguards for Financial Services Sold at Public Places

A consultation paper has been issued by the financial regulator in Singapore, the MAS, to enhance regulation on selling financial services such as insurance, in public places. Insurance products that will be regulated further will likely be life insurance and personal accident insurance. Source: MAS Press Release We welcome these additional measures to reduce risks of mis-selling of products.

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